New Santa Float

A Christmas Miracle

This year Santa was on the receiving end of his own Christmas miracle, thanks to the generosity of Winnipeggers.

For more than a century, Santa’s arrival has been the grand finale of the annual parade. Originally built from billboards from Eaton’s, the Santa’s sleigh float was showing its age with disintegrating décor and burnt out reindeer lights that could no longer light the way. After decades of wear and tear and winter weather, in 2018 the float was declared unsafe. Support for a new float was secured and the replacement float was under construction when the sponsorship fell through.

With just weeks to go before the parade, the Santa Claus Parade put out a call: Could Winnipeggers come together to save Christmas?

A GoFundMe was created to raise the $100,000 needed to save the Parade, and companies and Winnipeggers from all walks of life answered the call! A total of $161,401 was raised, ensuring the Parade would go on, with the additional money going to float maintenance, storage and the ongoing sustainability of the parade.

Thank you Winnipeg! You warmed our hearts with your support and your stories of how much the Parade means to you. Join us November 17th at the 109th annual Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade and see Santa’s new sleigh, made possible by you.